[openstack-dev] [Nova] Privsep transition state of play

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Mon Nov 6 02:26:06 UTC 2017

> I hope everyone travelling to the Sydney Summit is enjoying jet lag
> just as much as I normally do. Revenge is sweet! My big advice is that
> caffeine is your friend, and to not lick any of the wildlife.

I wasn't planning on licking any of it, but thanks for the warning.

> As of just now, all rootwrap usage has been removed from the libvirt
> driver, if you assume that the outstanding patches from the blueprint
> are merged. I think that's a pretty cool milestone. That said, I feel
> that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/517516/ needs a short talk to
> make sure that people don't think the implementation approach I've
> taken is confusing -- basically not all methods in nova/privsep are
> now escalated, as sometimes we only sometimes escalate our privs for a
> call. The review makes it clearer than I can in an email.

I commented, agreeing with gibi. Make the exceptional cases
exceptionally named; assume non-exceptional names are escalated by

> We could stop now for Queens if we wanted -- we originally said we'd
> land things early to let them stabilise. That said, we haven't
> actually caused any stability problems so far -- just a few out of
> tree drivers having to play catchup. So we could also go all in and
> get this thing done fully in Queens.

I agree we should steam ahead. I don't really want to hang the fate of
the privsep transition on the removal of cellsv2 and nova-network, so
personally I'm not opposed to privsepping those bits if you're
willing. I also agree that the lack of breakage thus far should give us
more confidence that we're safe to continue applying these changes later
in the cycle. Just MHO.


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