[openstack-dev] [release] Release countdown for week R-16 and R-15, May 8-19

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri May 5 08:50:21 UTC 2017

Welcome to our regular release countdown email!

Development Focus

Teams should be focused on Pike feature development and completion of
release goals. Team members attending the Forum at the Boston Summit
should be focused in requirements gathering and collecting feedback from
other parts of our community, to be able to bring it back to the rest of
their team.


Some projects have not done any Ocata stable point release yet, and
should certainly consider doing so (assuming they have unreleased bugfix
backports landed on their stable/ocata branch):

aodh, barbican, congress, designate, freezer, glance, keystone, manila,
mistral, sahara, searchlight, tricircle, trove, zaqar

Some projects following an intermediary-releases model haven't done any
release in the Pike cycle yet, and should probably start considering
doing so. Remember that this is our "release early, release often" model:

aodh, bifrost, ceilometer, cloudkitty[-dashboard], ironic-python-agent,
karbor[-dashboard], magnum[-ui], murano-agent, panko, senlin-dashboard,
solum[-dashboard], tacker[-dashboard], vitrage-dashboard

This is also valid for libraries:

django-openstack-auth, glance-store, instack, networking-hyperv, os-vif,
pycadf, python-barbicanclient, python-ceilometerclient,
python-cloudkittyclient, python-congressclient, python-designateclient,
python-glanceclient, python-karborclient, python-keystoneclient,
python-magnumclient, python-muranoclient, python-searchlightclient,
python-swiftclient, python-tackerclient, python-vitrageclient,

Finally, some independent projects have not been releasing anything in
2017 yet, and should also start considering publishing a refresh:

solum, bandit, syntribos

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Forum at OpenStack Summit in Boston: May 8-11
Pike-2 milestone: June 8

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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