[openstack-dev] [neutron][networking-l2gw] database tables for neutron l2gw plugin

Saverio Proto saverio.proto at switch.ch
Thu Mar 30 15:08:13 UTC 2017


I am testing the neutron l2gw in our staging env.

Because I cant redeploy everything, to retry the installation of the
l2gw, to clean the database I drop the following tables from the neutron

drop table physical_ports;
drop table physical_locators;
drop table physical_switches;
drop table logical_switches;
drop table ucast_macs_remotes;
drop table ucast_macs_locals;
drop table vlan_bindings;
drop table pending_ucast_macs_remotes;
drop table l2gatewayinterfaces;
drop table l2gatewaydevices;
drop table l2gatewayconnections;
drop table l2gateways;
drop table l2gw_alembic_version;

I would strongly suggest to have a common prefix like l2gw_ for all the
tables that belong to the same neutron plugin.

How can I figure out if I missed a table without reading all the code ?

Thank you


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