[openstack-dev] All patches failing CI for validations stable/ocata branch - help needed

Florian Fuchs flfuchs at redhat.com
Wed Mar 29 16:32:09 UTC 2017

Hi all,

currently all branches proposed for the newly created stable/ocata
branch on tripleo-validations are failing CI, and the failures seem to
be unrelated to the content of the patches.[1]

Interestingly, the 3 gates seem to succeed/fail randomly (after a few
rechecks, some gates failed that succeeded before and vice versa). The
error in the logs however is always the same [2] and appears to be
related to an issue with setuptools 34[3], which apparently hit other
openstack projects as well. I tried to create a patch with a fix
(excluding setuptools 34), but couldn't test it because gerrit set the
target patch to master instead of stable/ocata (I guess it only allows
me to propose backport patches to stable branches, not creating a
patch for a stable branch only).

At this point I'm a little out of ideas and would appreciate any help
I can get from folks who are a little more savvy with CI.


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tripleo-validations+branch:stable/ocata
[2] IOError: No such file or directory:
[3] https://github.com/pypa/setuptools/issues/951

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