[openstack-dev] [all][tc] OpenStack is for applications

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Wed Mar 29 00:14:17 UTC 2017

Hello OpenStackists,
One of the great strengths of our community is the way our panoply of 
teams can make independent progress towards our goals with a breadth 
that no one person or group could hope to keep track of, let alone 
control. However, for this to work then from time to time we need to pop 
our heads up from our silos to ensure that we are all, in fact, pointed 
in roughly the same direction.

The recent thread on "The future of the App Catalog"[1] (it went waaay 
off-topic) made it clear, I think to everyone involved, that this is one 
such moment. There is a significant disconnect between what application 
developers need OpenStack to be and how our community as a whole has 
conceptualised what OpenStack is and what it's for. To try to close that 
gap, dims asked me to write up a TC resolution that can help us all to 
start pulling in the same direction, and the TC has helped me to tweak 
the wording:


Now it's your turn. If we can all agree on what the meaning of our 
mission is then we'll get where we're going a lot faster. Please take a 
few minutes to review the resolution to make sure we're all on the same 
page, ask questions, or suggest alternatives.



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