[openstack-dev] Arrivederci

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 20:39:58 UTC 2017

On 3/22/17 8:06 AM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
> Friday 24 March 2017 will be my last day working on OpenStack.

Well, I was hoping for divine intervention, but it's almost the close of
business today and it hasn't happened.  So I guess I'll have to say, on
behalf of myself and the entire Glance team, that we're going to miss
your many contributions to Glance (and also just having you around in
IRC).  We all wish you good luck on your next adventure, and sincerely
hope that we may work with you again either individually or collectively
at some point in the future.

hasta la vista,

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