[openstack-dev] [tripleo] rh1 issues post-mortem

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Wed Mar 22 22:36:23 UTC 2017

Hi all (owl?),

You may have missed it in all the ci excitement the past couple of days, 
but we had a partial outage of rh1 last night.  It turns out the OVS 
port issue Derek discussed in 
reared its ugly head on a few of our compute nodes, which caused them to 
be unable to spawn new instances.  They kept getting scheduled since it 
looked like they were underutilized, which caused most of our testenvs 
to fail.

I've rebooted the affected nodes, as well as a few more that looked like 
they might run into the same problem in the near future.  Everything 
looks to be working well again since sometime this morning (when I 
disabled the broken compute nodes), but there aren't many jobs passing 
due to the plethora of other issues we're hitting in ci.  There have 
been some stable job passes though so I believe things are working again.

As far as preventing this in the future, the right thing to do would 
probably be to move to a later release of OpenStack (either point or 
major) where hopefully this problem would be fixed.  However, I'm 
hesitant to do that for a few reasons.  First is "the devil you know". 
Outside of this issue, we've gotten rh1 pretty rock solid lately.  It's 
been overworked, but has been cranking away for months with no major 
cloud-related outages.  Second is that an upgrade would be a major 
process, probably involving some amount of downtime.  Since the 
long-term plan is to move everything to RDO cloud I'm not sure that's 
the best use of our time at this point.

Instead, my plan for the near term is to keep a closer eye on the error 
notifications from the services.  We previously haven't had anything 
consuming those, but I've dropped a little tool on the controller that 
will dump out error notifications so we can watch for signs of this 
happening again.  I suspect the signs were there long before the actual 
breakage happened, but nobody was looking for them.  Now I will be.

So that's where things stand with rh1.  Any comments or concerns welcome.



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