[openstack-dev] [telemetry] Moving Gnocchi out

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Mon Mar 20 10:24:10 UTC 2017


After a lot of talk within the Gnocchi team, it appeared to us that
Gnocchi, which has been wisely tagged as 'independent' since its
inception, has a lot of potential usage outside of OpenStack directly.

Being part of the big tent helped the project to be built, but it now
appears that it restrains its adoption and contribution from users
outside of the OpenStack realm.

Therefore, the Gnocchi team has decided to move the project outside of
the OpenStack Big Tent. As a first step, a patch has been submitted to
the governance to delist the project from Telemetry:


As a second step, the project will likely move out of the OpenStack
infrastructure in the future.

We expect Gnocchi to continue to thrive and be used by OpenStack, such
as Ceilometer, which Gnocchi is now its primary storage backend. Gnocchi
will also continue to be developed with support for OpenStack base

And if you have any other question, feel free to ask us!

Julien Danjou
;; Free Software hacker
;; https://julien.danjou.info
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