[openstack-dev] [stackalytics] user correction seems not effective

Trinath Somanchi trinath.somanchi at nxp.com
Mon Mar 20 04:09:44 UTC 2017

Jenkins is throwing some Failures in new submissions. That might be an issue.

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From: Yujun Zhang (ZTE) <zhangyujun+zte at gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 8:47:30 AM
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Subject: [openstack-dev] [stackalytics] user correction seems not effective

Hi, Ilya

I submitted a patch for user correction[1] several months ago. It is supposed to reset the Email list of user `zhangyujun`. But it seems not effective from the response of stackalytics api.

curl http://stackalytics.com/api/1.0/users/zhangyujun

{"user": {"launchpad_id": "zhangyujun", "user_id": "zhangyujun", "seq": 65434, "company_link": "<a href=\"/?release=ocata&metric=marks&user_id=&company=EasyStack&project_type=all\">EasyStack</a>", "text": "Zhang Yujun", "companies": [{"company_name": "ZTE Corporation", "end_date": 1474588800}, {"company_name": "EasyStack", "end_date": 0}], "id": "zhangyujun", "static": true, "gerrit_id": "zhangyujun", "user_name": "Zhang Yujun", "emails": ["zhangyujun.dupe at gmail.com<mailto:zhangyujun.dupe at gmail.com>", "zhangyujun at gmail.com<mailto:zhangyujun at gmail.com>", "284517620 at qq.com<mailto:284517620 at qq.com>", "zhangyujun+zte at gmail.com<mailto:zhangyujun%2Bzte at gmail.com>", "yujun.zhang at easystack.cn", "zhang.yujunz at zte.com.cn<mailto:zhang.yujunz at zte.com.cn>"]}}

The email address in red should be removed if the patch works as expected.

Is there any way I can make further investigation on this issue? The log message from the stackalytics server might be helpful.

[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/426502/

Yujun Zhang
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