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SuccessBot Says
* Dims [1]: Nova now has a python35 based CI job in check queue running Tempest
  tests (everything running on py35)
* jaypipes [2]: Finally got a good functional test created that stresses the
  Ironic and Nova integration and migration from Newton to Ocata.
* Lbragstad [3]: the OpenStack-Ansible project has a test environment that
  automates rolling upgrade performance testing
* annegentle [4]: Craig Sterrett and the App Dev Enablement WG: New links to
  more content for the appdev docs [5]
* jlvillal [6]: Ironic team completed the multi-node grenade CI job
* Tell us yours via OpenStack IRC channels with message “#success <message>”
* All: [7]

Pike Release Management Communication
* The release liaison is responsible for:
  - Coordinating with the release management team.
  - Validating your team release team requests.
  - Ensure release cycle deadlines are met.
  - It's encouraged to nominate a release liaison. Otherwise this tasks falls
    back to the PTL.
* Ensure the releaase liaison has time and ability to handle the communication
  - Failing to follow through on a needed process step may block you from
    meeting deadlines or releasing as our milestones are date-based, not
* Three primary communication tools:
  - Email for announcements and asynchronous communication
    -- “[release]” topic tag on the openstack-dev mailing list.
    -- This includes the weekly release countdown emails with details on focus,
       tasks, and upcoming dates.
  - IRC for time sensitive interactions
    -- With more than 50 teams, the release team relies on your presence in the
       freenode #openstack-release channel.
  - Written documentation for relatively stable information
    -- The release team has published the schedule for the Pike cycle [8]
    -- You can add the schedule to your own calendar [9]
* Things to do right now:
  - Update your release liaisons [10].
  - Make sure your IRC and email address listed in projects.yaml [11].
* Update your mail filters to look for “[release]” in the subject line.
* Full thread [12]

OpenStack Summit Boston Schedule Now Live!
* Main conference schedule [13]
* Register now [14]
* Hotel discount rates for attendees [15]
* Stackcity party [16]
* Take the certified OpenStack Administrator exam [17]
* City guide of restaurants and must see sites [18]
* Full thread [19]

Some Information About the Forum at the Summit in Boston
* “Forum” proper
  - 3 medium sized fishbowl rooms for cross-community discussions.
  - Selected and scheduled by a committee formed of TC and UC members,
    facilitated by the Foundation staff members.
  - Brainstorming for topics [20]
* “On-boarding” rooms
  - Two rooms setup classroom style for projects teams and workgroups who want
    to on-board new team members.
  - Examples include providing introduction to your codebase for prospective
    new contributors.
  - These should not be tradiitonal “project intro” talks.
* Free hacking/meetup spaces
  - Four to five rooms populated with roundtables for ad-hoc discussions and
* Full thread [21]

The Future of the App Catalog
* Created early 2015 as a market place of pre-packaged applications [22] that
  you can deploy using Murano.
* This has grown to 45 Glance images, 13 Heat templates and 6 Tosca templates.
  Otherwise did not pick up a lot of steam.
* ~30% are just thin wrappers around Docker containers.
* Traffic stats show 100 visits per week, 75% of which only read the index
* In parallel, Docker developed a pretty successful containerized application
  marketplace (Docker Hub) with hundreds or thousands regularly updated apps.
  - Keeping the catalog around makes us look like we are unsuccessfully trying
    to compete with that ecosystem, while OpenStack is in fact complimentary.
* In the past, we have retired projects that were dead upstream.
  - The app catalog is however has an active maintenance team.
  - If we retire the app catalog, it would not be a reflection on that team
    performance, but that the beta was arguably not successful in build an
    active market place and a great fit from a strategy perspective.
* Two approaches for users today to deploy docker apps in OpenStack:
  - Container-native approach using “docker run” after using Nova or K8s
    cluster using Magnum.
  - OpenStack Native approach “zun create nginx”.
* Full thread [23][24]

ZooKeeper vs etcd for Tooz/DLM
* Devstack defaults to ZooKeeper and is opinionated about it.
* Lots of container related projects are using etcd [25], so do we need to
  avoid both ZooKeeper and etcd?
* For things like databases and message queues, it's more than time for us to
  contract on one solution.
  - For DLMs ZooKeepers gives us mature/ featureful angle. Etcd covers the
    Kubernetes cooperation / non-java angle.
* OpenStack interacts with DLM's via the library Tooz. Tooz today only supports
  etcd v2, but v3 is planned which would support GRPC.
* The OpenStack gate will begin to default to etcd with Tooz.
* Full thread [26]

Small Steps for Go
* An etherpad [27] has been started to begin tackling the new language
  requirements [28] for Go.
* An golang-commons repository exists [29]
* Gopher cloud versus having a golang-client project is being discussed in the
  etherpad. Regardless we need support for os-client-config.
* Full thread [30]

POST /api-wg/news
* Guidelines under review:
  - Add API capabilities discovery guideline [31]
  - Refactor and re-validate API change guidelines [32]
  - Microversions: add next_min_version field in version body [33]
  - WIP: microversion architecture archival doc [34]
* Full thread [35]

Proposal to Rename Castellan to oslo.keymanager
* Castellan is a python abstraction to different keymanager solutions such as
  Barbican. Implementations like Vault could be supported, but currently is
* The rename would emphasize the Castellan is an abstraction layer.
* Similar to oslo.db supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL.
* Instead of oslo.keymanager, it can be rolled into the oslo umbrella without
  a rename. Tooz sets the precedent of this.
* Full thread [36]

Release Countdown for week R-23 and R-22
* Focus:
  - Specification approval and implementation for priority features for this
* Actions:
  - Teams should research how they can meet the Pike release goals [37][38].
  - Teams that want to change their release model should do so before end of
    Pike-1 [39].
* Upcoming Deadlines and Dates
  - Boston Forum topic formal submission period: March 20 - April 2
  - Pike-1 milestone: April 13 (R-20 week)
  - Forum at OpenStack Summit in Boston: May 8-11
* Full thread [40]

Deployment Working Group
* Mission: To collaborate on best practices for deploying and configuring
  OpenStack in production environments.
* Examples:
  - OpenStack Ansible and Puppet OpenStack have been collaborating on
    Continuous Integration scenarios but also on Nova upgrades orchestration
  - TripleO and Kolla share the same tool for container builds.
  - TripleO and Fuel share the same Puppet OpenStack modules.
  - OpenStack and Kubernetes are interested in collaborating on configuration
  - Most of tools want to collect OpenStack parameters for configuration
    management in a common fashion.
* Wiki [41] has been started to document how the group will work together. Also
  an etherpad [42] for brainstorming.

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