[openstack-dev] [oslo][barbican][castellan] Proposal to rename Castellan to oslo.keymanager

Farr, Kaitlin M. Kaitlin.Farr at jhuapl.edu
Thu Mar 16 16:25:05 UTC 2017

​​This thread has generated quite the discussion, so I will try to
address a few points in this email, echoing a lot of what Dave said.

Clint originally explained what we are trying to solve very well. The hope was
that the rename would emphasize that Castellan is just a basic
interface that supports operations common between key managers
(the existing Barbican back end and other back ends that may exist
in the future), much like oslo.db supports the common operations
between PostgreSQL and MySQL. The thought was that renaming to have
oslo part of the name would help reinforce that it's just an interface,
rather than a standalone key manager. Right now, the only Castellan
back end that would work in DevStack is Barbican. There has been talk
in the past for creating other Castellan back ends (Vault or Tang), but
no one has committed to writing the code for those yet.

The intended proposal was to rename the project, maintain the current
review team (which is only a handful of Barbican people), and bring on
a few Oslo folks, if any were available and interested, to give advice
about (and +2s for) OpenStack library best practices. However, perhaps
pulling it under oslo's umbrella without a rename is blessing it enough.

In response to Julien's proposal to make Castellan "the way you can do
key management in Python" -- it would be great if Castellan were that
abstract, but in practice it is pretty OpenStack-specific. Currently,
the Barbican team is great at working on key management projects
(including both Barbican and Castellan), but a lot of our focus now is
how we can maintain and grow integration with the rest of the OpenStack
projects, for which having the name and expertise of oslo would be a
great help.



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