[openstack-dev] [neutron][lbaasv2] Migrate LBaaS instance

zhi changzhi1990 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 10:39:40 UTC 2017

Hi, all
Currently, LBaaS v2 doesn't support migration. Just like router instances,
we can remove a router instance from one L3 agent and add it to another L3

So, there is a single point failure in LBaaS agent. As far as I know, LBaaS
supports " allow_automatic_lbaas_agent_failover ". But in many cases, we
want to migrate LBaaS instances manually. Do we plan to do this?

I'm doing this right now. But I meet a question. I define a function
in agent_scheduler.py like this:

    def remove_loadbalancer_from_lbaas_agent(self, context, agent_id,
        self._unschedule_loadbalancer(context, loadbalancer_id, agent_id)

The question is, how do I notify LBaaS agent?

Hope for your reply.

Zhi Chang
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