[openstack-dev] [oslo][barbican][castellan] Proposal to rename Castellan to oslo.keymanager

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Mar 16 09:21:59 UTC 2017

Doug Hellmann wrote:
> Excerpts from Brant Knudson's message of 2017-03-15 10:27:49 -0500:
>> Can the Castellan team be broken out into a new project under the big tent
>> rather than having to go under oslo? Oslo as a catch-all made more sense
>> before the big tent. Also, I always thought part of the deal of moving
>> under oslo is that oslo core reviewers have +2 authority on the repos, but
>> it doesn't look like that's part of the proposal here which was a rename
>> and now is changing launchpad to make Castellan a subproject under oslo
>> (along with some documentation changes).
>> - Brant
> I assumed that bringing it into Oslo would involve adding the oslo-core
> team to whatever review team Castellan already has.

Yes, of course.

To me the main reason to bring it under Oslo is to make it a neutral
abstraction library, and position it as "the common OpenStack way to do
key management". Oslo is the umbrella for common libraries in OpenStack.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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