[openstack-dev] [cinder] Additional Grenade jobs for Cinder patches

Prabhu Vinod, Karthik karthik.prabhu.vinod at intel.com
Wed Mar 15 16:03:49 UTC 2017


We now have two additional gate jobs which can be used to test patches that modify RPC API, objects or DB Schema for incompatibilities. These two jobs are non-voting and can be invoked on cinder patches by typing “check experimental” as a comment on that patch.

The two-additional gate jobs are:

a.)     gate-grenade-dsvm-cinder-mn-sub-volschbak-ubuntu-xenial-nv

b.)     gate-grenade-dsvm-cinder-mn-sub-bak-ubuntu-xenial-nv

What do they do?
gate-grenade-dsvm-cinder-mn-sub-volschbak-ubuntu-xenial-nv: This job has only the c-api on the primary and remaining on the sub-nodes. So it’s a scenario where an upgraded c-api talks to older c-vol, c-sch, c-bak.

gate-grenade-dsvm-cinder-mn-sub-bak-ubuntu-xenial-nv: This job has only the c-api, sch, c-vol on the primary and c-bak on the sub-nodes. So it’s a scenario where an upgraded c-api, sch, c-vol talks to older c-bak.

Karthik Prabhu

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