[openstack-dev] [swg][tc] Moving Stewardship Working Group meeting

Colette Alexander colettealexander at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 21:33:41 UTC 2017

Hi there!

Currently the Stewardship Working Group meetings every other Thursday at
1400 UTC.

We've had a couple of pings from folks who are interested in joining us for
meetings that live in US Pacific Time, and that Thursday time isn't
terribly conducive to them being able to make meetings. So - the question
is when to move it to, if we can.

A quick glance at the rest of the Thursday schedule shows the 1500 and 1600
time slots available (in #openstack-meeting I believe). I'm hesitant to go
beyond that in the daytime because we also need to accommodate attendees in
Western Europe.

Thoughts on whether either of those works from SWG members and anyone who
might like to drop in? We can also look into having meetings once a week,
and potentially alternating times between the two to help accommodate the
spread of people.

Let me know what everyone thinks - and for this week I'll see anyone who
can make it at 1400 UTC on Thursday.

Thank you!

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