[openstack-dev]  [Horizon] Empty metadata value support

Mateusz Kowalski mateusz.kowalski at cern.ch
Tue Mar 14 13:06:47 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

This mail is to ask for opinion and/or recommendation regarding inconsistent behaviour between CLI and UI re: support of metadata keys with empty values.

The current behaviour is as follows: most, if not all, of the backend components fully support custom metadata properties with value = null. At the same time Horizon UI by default in all "Update ... Metadata" requires that for each key value is non-empty (that means null is not a valid input).

We have a following scenario happening just now for one of our customers -- there is an image X uploaded via CLI with property "custom_x:null". User creates a VM from this image and later creates a snapshot of the VM (these two steps are indifferent for CLI and UI). Next, using UI, he tries to rename the snapshot he has just created using "Edit Image" panel. Apparently the operation is not possible because the metadata tab is marked as "mandatory" with property "custom_x" appearing without any value and tagged as "required". This means our user is forced to either put non-null value to the property or completely remove it in order to be able to rename the snapshot. At the same time renaming it using CLI works without any impact on the metadata. The same applies to changing any other detail like "image description", "visibility", "protection".

Therefore the question - does anyone have a strong "no" against pushing a patch which will allow null as a valid value for a custom metadata across all Horizon ?


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