[openstack-dev] [nova] [placement] experimenting with extracting placement

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Mon Mar 13 15:13:17 UTC 2017

Interestingly, we just had a meeting about cells and the scheduler,
which had quite a bit of overlap on this topic.

> That said, as mentioned in the previous email, the priorities for Pike
> (and likely Queens) will continue to be, in order: traits, ironic,
> shared resource pools, and nested providers.

Given that the CachingScheduler is still a thing until we get claims in
the scheduler, and given that CachingScheduler doesn't use placement
like the FilterScheduler does, I think we need to prioritize the claims
part of the above list.

Based on the discussion several of us just had, the priority list
actually needs to be this:

1. Traits
2. Ironic
3. Claims in the scheduler
4. Shared resources
5. Nested resources

Claims in the scheduler is not likely to be a thing for Pike, but should
be something we do as much prep for as possible, and land early in Queens.

Personally, I think getting to the point of claiming in the scheduler
will be easier if we have placement in tree, and anything we break in
that process will be easier to backport if they're in the same tree.
However, I'd say that after that goal is met, splitting placement should
be good to go.


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