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Renat Akhmerov renat.akhmerov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 04:57:36 UTC 2017

> On 10 Mar 2017, at 06:02, Zane Bitter <zbitter at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 08/03/17 11:23, David Moreau Simard wrote:
>> The App Catalog, to me, sounds sort of like a weird message that
>> OpenStack somehow requires applications to be
>> packaged/installed/deployed differently.
>> If anything, perhaps we should spend more effort on advertising that
>> OpenStack provides bare metal or virtual compute resources and that
>> apps will work just like any other places.
> Look, it's true that legacy apps from the 90s will run on any VM you can give them. But the rest of the world has spent the last 15 years moving on from that. Applications of the future, and increasingly the present, span multiple VMs/containers, make use of services provided by the cloud, and interact with their own infrastructure. And users absolutely will need ways of packaging and deploying them that work with the underlying infrastructure. Even those apps from the 90s should be taking advantage of things like e.g. Neutron security groups, configuration of which is and will always be out of scope for Docker Hub images.
> So no, we should NOT spend more effort on advertising that we aim to become to cloud what Subversion is to version control. We've done far too much of that already IMHO.

100% agree with that.

And this whole discussion is taking me to the question: is there really any officially accepted strategy for OpenStack for 1, 3, 5 years? Is there any ultimate community goal we’re moving to regardless of underlying technologies (containers, virtualization etc.)? I know we’re now considering various community goals like transition to Python 3.5 etc. but these goals don’t tell anything about our future as an IT ecosystem from user perspective. I may assume that I’m just not aware of it. I’d be glad if it was true. I’m eager to know the answers for these questions. Overall, to me it feels like every company in the community just tries to pursue its own short-term (in the best case mid-term) goals without really caring about long-term common goals. So if we say OpenStack is a car then it seems like the wheels of this car are moving in different directions. Again, I’d be glad if it wasn’t true. So maybe some governance needed around setting and achieving ultimate goals of OpenStack? Or if they already exist we need to better explain them and advertise publicly? That in turn IMO could attract more businesses and contributors.

Renat Akhmerov

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