[openstack-dev] [requirements] pycrypto is dead, long live pycryptodome... or cryptography...

Thomas Herve therve at redhat.com
Wed Mar 8 22:47:48 UTC 2017

On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 8:03 PM, Matthew Thode <prometheanfire at gentoo.org> wrote:
> So, pycrypto upstream is dead and has been for a while, we should look
> at moving off of it for both bugfix and security reasons.
> Currently it's used by the following.
> barbican, cinder, trove, glance, heat, keystoneauth, keystonemiddleware,
> kolla, openstack-ansible, and a couple of other smaller places.

Heat keeps it mostly for (old) backward compatibility. We can possibly
remove it now, especially if it helps global requirements.


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