[openstack-dev] [cinder][glance][horizon][keystone][nova][qa][swift] Feedback needed: Removal of legacy per-project vanity domain redirects

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Wed Mar 8 19:37:38 UTC 2017

On 8 Mar 2017, at 11:04, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> On 2017-03-08 17:23, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
>> On 3/8/17 10:12 AM, Monty Taylor wrote:
>>> Hey all,
>>> We have a set of old vanity redirect URLs from back when we made a URL
>>> for each project:
>>> cinder.openstack.org
>>> glance.openstack.org
>>> horizon.openstack.org
>>> keystone.openstack.org
>>> nova.openstack.org
>>> qa.openstack.org
>>> swift.openstack.org
>>> They are being served from an old server we'd like to retire. Obviously,
>>> moving a set of http redirects is trivial, but these domains have been
>>> deprecated for about 4 now, so we figured we'd clean house if we can.
>>> We know that the swift team has previously expressed that there are
>>> links out in the wild pointing to swift.o.o/content that still work and
>>> that they don't want to break anyone, which is fine. (although if the
>>> swift team has changed their minds, that's also welcome)
>>> for the rest of you, can we kill these rather than transfer them?
>> My concern is that glance.openstack.org is easy to remember and type, so
>> I imagine there are links out there that we have no control over using
>> that URL.  So what are the consequences of it 404'ing or "site cannot be
>> reached" in a browser?
>> glance.o.o currently redirects to docs.o.o/developer/glance
>> If glance.o.o failed for me, I'd next try openstack.org (or
>> www.openstack.org).  Those would give me a page with a top bar of links,
>> one of which is DOCS.  If I took that link, I'd get the docs home page.
>> There's a search bar there; typing in 'glance' gets me
>> docs.o.o/developer/glance as the first hit.
>> If instead I scroll past the search bar, I have to scroll down to
>> "Project-Specific Guides" and follow "Services & Libraries" ->
>> "Openstack Services" -> "image service (glance) -> docs.o.o/developer/glance
>> Which sounds kind of bad ... until I type "glance docs" into google.
>> Right now the first hit is docs.o.o/developer/glance.  And all the kids
>> these days use the google.  So by trying to be clever and hack the URL,
>> I could get lost, but if I just google 'glance docs', I find what I'm
>> looking for right away.
>> So I'm willing to go with the majority on this, with the caveat that if
>> one or two teams keep the redirect, it's going to be confusing to end
>> users if the redirect doesn't work for other projects.
> Very few people know about these URLs at all and there are only a few
> places that use it in openstack (I just send a few patches for those).
> If you google for "openstack glance", you won't get this URL at all,

On the other hand, "swift.openstack.org" is the first result when searching for "openstack swift", and although it's very hard to find backlinks, my quick looking at a few search engines do suggest that there are quite a few pages that reference the swift vanity subdomain.

I've already approved Monty's patch to swift, but I think that's a separate issue from keeping the redirects active. I *am* concerned with the things Brian brings up. It's hard to find these docs when starting from the docs landing page. These dev docs have great info, and removing an easy to type/remember url seems to be counter to helping our users. Personally, I type "swift.openstack.org" all the time, just because it's short and easy to remember and I don't remember the one it redirects to.


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