[openstack-dev] [infra][tripleo] initial discussion for a new periodic pipeline

Wesley Hayutin whayutin at redhat.com
Tue Mar 7 15:12:58 UTC 2017


The TripleO team would like to initiate a conversation about the
possibility of creating a new pipeline in Openstack Infra to allow a set of
jobs to run periodically every four hours [2].
The background and context of why such a pipeline is required is as
follows.  TripleO CI executes installs of Openstack with rpm packages from
a tool called delorean [1].  Every commit from upstream is built into a
rpm several times each hour of the day.  These freshly built packages need
to be validated before they are allowed to be used in the TripleO check
gates to ensure we have stable and consistent CI results.  Currently the
validation of the new rpms is done every 24 hours via a periodic pipeline.
In practice this periodic validation finds a working set of rpms roughly
once maybe twice a week depending on the time in the release, they happen
much more often at the beginning and end of each cycle.

There is often a window of time where an upstream fix has been merged and
the set of rpms will pass this validation and when a new issue/bug is
introduced into the latest set of rpms.  Validating the set of rpms only
every 24 hours does not intersect with that "working window" often enough.
It's good practice to always be testing with the latest merged code in CI
and that is what we hope to improve on in TripleO by increasing the cadence
of this validation.   A suggestion was made at the last PTG in Atlanta to
create a new pipeline to accommodate an increased cadence hopefully to
every four hours.

I suspect there will be roughly 4-6 jobs kicked off in this pipeline.  The
exact jobs that will be used is not final but will probably include [3]

I am hoping to kick off the conversation regarding how to properly proceed
with this task here, and to generally notify the community of our

Thank you for reading through this and considering the requirement.

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