[openstack-dev] [octavia] Octavia PTG summary - Cross-project teams (e-mail 1 of 2)

Michael Johnson johnsomor at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 01:04:30 UTC 2017

Some of the Octavia team attended the first OpenStack Project Team Gathering
(PTG) held in Atlanta the week of February 27th.  Below is a summary of the
notes we kept in the Octavia etherpad here:

This e-mail details discussions we had with the cross-project teams.  A
follow-up e-mail will cover topics the Octavia team covered.

Sorry this is a bit long.  Octavia collaborates with a lot of OpenStack!  I
want to thank the cross-project teams for the warm and supportive reception
the Octavia team received.


Documentation team

  * Attended the discussion about "distributed documentation repositories"
to voice our support for this model.  Designate was also vocal in their
support of moving more of the documentation into the project repositories.
  * I proposed an approach for managing distributed documentation
repositories similar to how i18n manages localization for the projects.  We
agreed to pursue moving the administrator guide to a distributed model like
the installation guide.  I volunteered to capture the discussion from the
room in a docs spec which is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439122/
  * We attended the discussion about the "HA guide".  The discussion in the
room was to keep the main HA guide a high-level guide and allow links out to
the project specific HA guides, such as the one we are planning to write for
Octavia in Pike.
  * Octavia documentation is a priority for Pike (discussion in the octavia
specific email).

Hierarchical quotas

  * The proposal is to store the quota limits in keystone.
  * The projects would still enforce the quotas and handle usage.
  * Octavia team should track this, but I don't think we will implement this
in Pike

Horizon team
  * The horizon team has lost a lot of developers.  They are down from
twelve active cores to three.
  * They are happy to help us with the dashboard, but do not have developer
resource available to work on the neutron-lbaas-dashboard
  * AngularJS is still the path forward for horizon plugins
  * The horizon team will be using the [horizon-plugin] tag for e-mails to
the mailing list that are relevant to teams with a horizon plugin.
  * There are currently test framework gaps for the AngularJS plugins.  They
will be re-examining options.
  * I inquired about the future of quotas in horizon as octavia will now
have quotas separate from neutron's.  It sounds like the quotas in horizon
need some work.  We (octavia) will defer integrating the octavia quotas into
horizon to a future release.


  * The DVR "unbound allowed_address_pair with floatingip" bug that has been
open a few cycles is getting attention again
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1583694 among others).
  * Swami has some new DVR patches: https://review.openstack.org/320669 and
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/323618 that he would like us to look at.
  * We provided Swami a list of Octavia/neutron-lbaas scenario tests that
fail with DVR enabled.
  * We discussed the use of the "device owner" property of the ports and the
DVR coding to look for "lbaas" and/or "" device owners in the above patches.
  * Kevin was interested in hearing about the neutron-lbaas pass through
proxy (lbaasv2-proxy) work.  This is the neutron extension that allows load
balancing requests to still be made via neutron for some time (deprecation
cycle).  German has a patch up for review:
  * We also had a brief discussion about the plan for the OpenStack Client
Octavia plugin planned for Pike.

OpenStack Ansible (OSA)

  * Octavia patch is up for review: https://review.openstack.org/417210
  * xgerman worked with the OSA team on the patch and tying up the loose
  * OSA is discussing giving German core on the OSA octavia repo.
  * OSA is investigating alternative packaging format e.g. Snaps (Ubuntu
snappy), Helm, etc.

OpenStack Client (OSC)

  * Dean Troyer and the OSC team were kind enough to spend some time with us
and make sure we are on the right track for our client in Pike.
  * We decided that we will be creating a python-octaviaclient repository
for our OSC plugin.  (request has already been submitted)
  * We discussed how octavia should fit into the OSC terminology and agreed
that the following is a good approach
    o loadbalancer (create, etc.)
    o loadbalancer listener (CRUD)
    o loadbalancer pool (CRUD)
    o loadbalancer member (CRUD)
    o loadbalancer healthmonitor (CRUD)
    o loadbalancer quota? (CRUD) -> can be included in the common quotas
    o loadbalancer l7policy (CRUD)
    o loadbalancer l7rule (CRUD)
    o loadbalancer flavor

Pike Goals

  * Python 3.5 support
    o Work has started.  Octavia functional tests still need work.
Neutron-lbaas tests need work.
  * Control plane API via WSGI
    o No work for neutron-lbaas as it is under the neutron API.
    o Octavia API is already WSGI, just needs the wsgi configuration file
created and devstack updates to run under apache.

Quality Assurance

  * Provided some feedback on some documentation we would like to have for
tempest plugins
  * We raised the current issues we are having with devstack picking the
first image in glance and setting it as the default (our amphora image
starts with an 'a').
  * There was a question about the value/usage of the health dashboard,
which I commented that I use regularly to keep an eye on our periodic jobs.
  * I also inquired about how hard it would be to collect additional metrics
from the gate runs.  Specifically I would like to get some performance
metrics (yes they will vary wildly cross the gate hosts).  mtreinish said he
might be able to give us some pointers on how to do this.
  * We also attended the tempest plugin session where the proposed community
goal was discussed (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/369749).  Octavia has
requested a tempest plugin repo to get started on this work.

Release team

  * I discussed moving Octavia to cycle-with-milestones to make it easier
for i18n, packaging, and some of our end-of-cycle tasks.  I submitted this
change and it has already been approved.
  * I will also move the to-be-created 'octavia-dashboard" repo over to
cycle-with-milestones for the same reasons.  We will be copying the
neutron-lbaas-dashboard into the octavia-dashboard repo to  ease the
renaming transition.

Stewardship WG

  * Discussions about the openstack-dev mailing list traffic level
  * Discussions about how to get PTLs to acknowledge requests/messages

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