[openstack-dev] [Sahara] Cross Project Liaisons

Telles Nobrega tenobreg at redhat.com
Mon Mar 6 20:31:31 UTC 2017

Hello Saharans, in the last two or three cycles our team has undergone
 some changes and we need to update our Cross project liaisons.
Currently we have the following setup:

*| Project                      |    Liaison                         |*
| Oslo                          | Huichun Lu, Elise Gafford |
| Release Management | Telles Nobrega                 |
| QA                            | Luigi Toscano                  |
| Documentation           |                                       |
| Stable Branch            | Vitaly Gridnev                  |
| Vulnerability Mg.        | Michael McCune, Vitaly    |
| Logging working group| Elise Gafford                    |
| Infra                          | Nikita, Vitaly                    |
| Product Working Gr   | Elise Gafford                    |
| I18n                          | Nikita Konovalov               |
*| Cross project spec     | Michael McCune, Vitaly    |*

So, basically we need to update the liaisons for most of the projects,
Nikita and Elise are both working limited on the project and may speak up
if they still want to be liaisons on the projects they are signed up we
will be glad, if not we need to assign new people to them.

Michael is no longer working actively on Sahara so we need to replace him.
Vitaly please let us know what projects do you want to continue working as
I will work as liaison for documentation with Elise (previously agreed on
Sahara meeting) and also arrange the other projects depending on people's
will and availability.

Thanks all,
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