[openstack-dev] [chef] release of stable/newton cookbook set

j.klare@cloudbau.de j.klare at cloudbau.de
Fri Mar 3 11:56:45 UTC 2017


i just wanted to let you all know that we recently released the stable/newton cookbook set.

For this cycle the released cookbook set includes:

cookbook-openstack-block-storage (deploying cinder)
cookbook-openstack-common (shared configuration and libraries)
cookbook-openstack-compute (deploying nova)
cookbook-openstack-dashboard (deploying horizon)
cookbook-openstack-identity (deploying keystone)
cookbook-openstack-image (deploying glance)
cookbook-openstack-integration-test (deploying tempest)
cookbook-openstack-network (deploying neutron)
cookbook-openstack-ops-database (shared database configuration)
cookbook-openstack-ops-messaging (shared mq configuration)
cookbook-openstack-orchestration (deploying heat)
cookbook-openstack-telemetry (deploying ceilometer and gnocchi)
openstack-chef-repo (combining all cookbooks and deployment specific configuration)

Sadly we were not able to release the cookbook-openstack-application-catalog (deploying Murano) this cycle, since we decided the deployment and the provided packages are not stable enough. We are however planning to release it with the stable/ocata cookbook set, but would be more than happy to get some support and more hands for the development and stabilisation of this.
During the ocata development cycle we are planning to add the compute placement-api and back port it also to stable/newton if possible. Additionally we will try to move as many projects as possible to be run via WSGI (as stated in our pike community goals).
Since we are currently down to only three core reviewers and not many more code contributors, we will reduce the efforts of adding new features to a minimum and focus on stabilisation and the minimal need feature set for ocata. If you would like to add a feature or even a whole project cookbook, please ping me or any other core in our irc channel or via this mailing list.

I will also be available during the OpenStack Ops Mid-cycle Meetup in Milan this month and will moderate the ops-config-management session (which of course will also be about all the other config management tools).

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