[openstack-dev] [kolla][infra] does someone cares about Jenkins? I stopped.

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Thu Mar 2 22:12:09 UTC 2017

W dniu 02.03.2017 o 20:19, Joshua Harlow pisze:
>> 1. Kolla output is nightmare to debug.
>> There is --logs-dir option to provide separate logs for each image build
>> but it is not used. IMHO it should be as digging through such logs is
>> easier.
> I to find the kolla output a bit painful, and I'm willing to help
> improve it, what would you think is a better approach (that we can try
> to get to).

Once I discovered --logs-dir option I stopped caring of normal kolla
output. If Jenkins jobs could be changed to make use of it and to
provide those logs it would make not only me happy.

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