[openstack-dev] [mistral] Proposing Michal Gershenzon to the core team

Renat Akhmerov renat.akhmerov at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 16:47:49 UTC 2017


Based on the stats of Michal Gershenzon in Ocata cycle I’d like to promote her to the core team.
Michal works at Nokia CloudBand and being a CloudBand engineer she knows Mistral very well
as a user and behind the scenes helped find a lot of bugs and make countless number of
improvements, especially in performance.

Overall, she is a deep thinker, cares about details, always has an unusual angle of view on any
technical problem. She is one of a few people that I’m aware of who I could call a Mistral expert.
She also participates in almost every community meeting in IRC.

In Ocata she improved her statistics pretty significantly (e.g. ~60 reviews although the cycle was
very short) and is keeping up the good pace now. Also, Michal is officially planning to allocate
more time for upstream development in Pike

I believe Michal would be a great addition for the Mistral core team.

Please let me know if you agree with that.


[1] http://stackalytics.com/?module=mistral-group&release=ocata&user_id=michal-gershenzon <http://stackalytics.com/?module=mistral-group&release=ocata&user_id=michal-gershenzon>

Renat Akhmerov

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