[openstack-dev] [neutron][address-scope] Questions about l3 address scope

zhi changzhi1990 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 15:21:06 UTC 2017

Hi, all.

I have some questions about l3 address scope in neutron.I hope that someone
could give me some answers.

I set up a devstack environment and it uses the feature of l3 address scope
by following the document [1]. After doing those steps,  I can find some
iptables rules in namespace, showing like this:

root at devstack:~# iptables-save |grep neutron-l3-agent-scope
:neutron-l3-agent-scope - [0:0]
-A neutron-l3-agent-PREROUTING -j neutron-l3-agent-scope
-A neutron-l3-agent-scope -i qr-6d393225-2e -j MARK --set-xmark
-A neutron-l3-agent-scope -i qr-d257abb8-e1 -j MARK --set-xmark
-A neutron-l3-agent-scope -i qg-f64c7892-1d -j MARK --set-xmark
:neutron-l3-agent-scope - [0:0]
-A neutron-l3-agent-FORWARD -j neutron-l3-agent-scope
-A neutron-l3-agent-scope -o qr-6d393225-2e -m mark ! --mark
0x4010000/0xffff0000 -j DROP
-A neutron-l3-agent-scope -o qr-d257abb8-e1 -m mark ! --mark
0x4000000/0xffff0000 -j DROP

What does these iptables rules used for ? In my opinion, by reading these
rules, I can get some informations : any input traffic ( qr and qg devices
) will be marked and we only accept these marked traffic, isn't it?

What the purpose of the l3 address scope?

What can we benefit from l3 address scope?

Zhi Chang

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