[openstack-dev] [all] Forum Brainstorming - Boston 2017

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Wed Mar 1 13:56:00 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

We need to start brainstorming topics we'd like to discuss with the
rest of the community during our first "Forum" at the OpenStack Summit
in Boston. The event should look a lot like the cross-project
workshops or the Ops day at the old Design Summit : open, timeboxed
discussions in a fishbowl setting facilitated by a moderator (no
speaker or formal presentations). We'll gather feedback from users and
operators on the Ocata release, and start gathering early requirements
and priorities for the Queens release cycle. We aim to ensure the
broadest coverage of topics that will allow for all parts of our
community (upstream contributors, ops working groups, application
developers...) getting together to discuss (and get alignment on) key
areas within our community/projects.

Examples of the types of discussions and some sessions that might fit
within each one:

# Strategic, whole-of-community discussions:
To think about the big picture, including beyond just one release
cycle and new technologies. An example could be "Making OpenStack One
Platform for containers/VMs/Bare Metal", where the entire community
congregates to share opinions on how to make OpenStack achieve its
integration engine goal.

# Cross-project sessions:
In a similar vein to what has happened at past design summits, but
with increased emphasis on issues that are relevant to all areas of
the community. An example could be "Rolling Upgrades at Scale", where
the Large Deployments Team collaborates with Nova, Cinder and Keystone
to tackle issues that come up with rolling upgrades when there’s a
large number of machines.

# Project-specific sessions:
Where developers can ask users specific questions about their
experience, users can provide feedback from the last release and
cross-community collaboration on the priorities, and ‘blue sky’ ideas
for the next release.An example could be "Neutron Pain Points",
co-organized by neutron developers and users, where Neutron developers
bring some specific questions they want answered, Neutron users bring
feedback from the latest release and ideas about the future.

There are two stages to the brainstorming:

1. Starting today, set up an etherpad with your group/team, or use one
on the list and start discussing ideas you'd like to talk about at the
Forum. Then, through +1s on etherpads and mailing list discussion,
work out which ones are the most needed.
2. Then, in a couple of weeks, we will open up a more formal web-based
tool for submission of abstracts that came out of the brainstorming on
top. A committee with TC, UC and Foundation staff members will work on
the final selection and scheduling.

We expect working groups may make their own etherpads, however the
Technical Committee offers one for cross-project and strategic topics:

Feel free to use that, or make one for your group and add it to the list at:

Emilien and Thierry, on behalf of the Technical Committee

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