[openstack-dev] [all] PBR 2.0.0 release *may* cause gate failures

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Wed Mar 1 05:26:54 UTC 2017

Hi All,
    Earlier today the release team tagged PBR 2.0.0.  The reason for the major
version bump is because warnerrors has been removed in favor of
warning-is-error from sphinx >= 1.5.0.

It seems that several projects outside both inside and outside OpenStack have
capped pbr <2.0.0 so we can't actually use this release yet.  The requirements
team will work with all projects to remove the cap of pbr in those projects.

The good news is that projects using upper-constraints.txt are insulated from
this and shouldn't be affected[1].  However upper-constraints.txt isn't being used
by all projects and *those* projects will start seeing

ContextualVersionConflicts: (pbr 2.0.0 in gate logs.  It's recommended that
those projects add a local ban for pbr and associate it with:

Then once the situation is resolved we can unwind and remove the temporary caps.

Yours Tony.

[1] There is at least 1 corner case where the coverage job installed directly
    from a git URL and therefore that wasn't protected.
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