[openstack-dev] [release] Release countdown for week R-8 and R-7, June 30 - July 14

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Jun 30 08:02:04 UTC 2017

Welcome to our regular release countdown email!

Development Focus

Teams should be wrapping up library work in preparation for release
deadlines, starting R-6 week.

General Information

A number of libraries and projects following the cycle-with-intermediary
model still haven't released anything in Pike. We recommend that you
produce at least one release before the corresponding deadline (Jul 13
for non-client libs, Jul 20 for client libs, Aug 10 for other
deliverables), so that the release team has something to fall back to
when release branches need to be cut. If no Pike release was produced by
the deadline, the release team will have to trigger a release at the
current master HEAD, which is almost certainly not what you want. The
following deliverables are still concerned:

Jul 13: glance-store, instack, requestsexceptions

Jul 20: python-designateclient, python-searchlightclient, python-swiftclient

Aug 10: aodh, bifrost, ceilometer, cloudkitty[-dashboard], magnum[-ui],
murano-agent, networking-hyperv, panko, senlin-dashboard, tacker


If your team has a contributor whose work is not reflected in commit
authorship (or only appear as "Co-Authored-By" in commit messages), they
won't get the right to vote for upcoming elections, unless you
explicitly add them to the "extra-atc" list for your project. Please
review your contributors and submit patches to the openstack/governance
repository (reference/projects.yaml file) accordingly. The deadline for
submitting those requests is July 13 !

For projects following the cycle-with-milestones release model,
pre-release branches will be cut at RC1, and only members of the
$PROJECT-release group in Gerrit will be able to approve backports for
further RCs. In preparation for that release phase, you should review
who is in that group and adjust it accordingly.

Projects (especially those following stable policy) should also review
their stable branches and trigger stable point releases as necessary to
ship the backports that have landed on those branches, if any.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Extra-ATC addition deadline: July 13
Non-client libraries final releases: July 20
Client libraries final releases: July 27
Pike-3 milestone (and Feature freeze): July 27
Final Pike release: August 30
Queens PTG in Denver: Sept 11-15

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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