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This is a amazing news. Let’s make it super great together. :) 

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Amazing news, my congratulations!

I'm excited to see how Kubernetes+OpenStack collaboration moves forward.


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On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 3:07 AM, Steve Wilkerson

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Hello everyone!

Now that Boston has come and gone, we'd like to formally announce that

OpenStack-Helm is now a hosted project on OpenStack infra. We received

a great deal of positive feedback in Boston, and we're excited to see

what's next for both OpenStack and Kubernetes together.

We'd like to invite anyone who's interested in working on OpenStack on

top of Kubernetes to contribute to OpenStack-Helm.  The OpenStack-Helm

wiki can be found here:
.  The OpenStack-Helm

Launchpad currently has blueprints listed that are new-contributor

friendly, and we’d be happy to help any new contributors either find

or identify work that would be helpful as the project moves forward.

Anyone is welcome to join us in #openstack-helm on freenode and/or the

#openstack-helm channel in the Kubernetes Slack team (we've got a

chatbot that mirrors all chat between the two). Our weekly meeting is

at 3:00PM UTC on Tuesdays in #openstack-meeting-5  (next Tuesday’s

meeting on 7/4 will be cancelled due to the holiday).  Both the

Eavesdrop history of our meetings and the agenda for future meetings

can be found via links on the wiki page.

On behalf of the core team; alanmeadows, v1k0d3n, portdirect,

lrensing, lamt, and myself, I'd really like to thank the help and

support we've got thus far, and we look forward to meeting and working

with new contributors. If you have any questions, please feel free to

reach out.






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