[openstack-dev] [ironic] Routed Networks, flat driver and physical network awareness

Harald Jensås hjensas at redhat.com
Wed Jun 28 09:31:44 UTC 2017


With the following Neutron patches recently merged, it is now possible
to provide DHCP service to instances on remote routed networks that
have a dhcp forwarder configured.


This enables provisioning of baremetal machines on remote routed
networks as well. Removing the need to deploy ironic
conductor/inspector etc with local connection to each routed network

However with the flat driver this does not work, because the flat
driver bind neutron ports to the node running ironic-conductor service,
e.g 'nova_host_id'. Not to the actual baremetal node. (Ref: https://git

The result of binding to the 'nova_host_id' causes this error for
baremetal nodes on the remote routed network segment.

INFO ironic.conductor.task_manager [req-11f5c864-cc1a-49ee-b224-
a6695c1a9678 87f6dc660b1f43f79efa4355080e118c
6a8453039524487ca0bbf191cdc6317d - default default] Node f19ecc51-c8ec-
4d34-a349-206a5ae97ed2 moved to provision state "deploy fail
ed" from state "deploying"; target provision state is "active":
NetworkError: Unable to set binding:host_id for neutron port 5e674173-
32d9-4ec9-be2a-7f2b3aa02336. Error: Host ironic-
conductor.node.example.com is not connected to a segment where the
existing fixed_ips on port 5e6741
73-32d9-4ec9-be2a-7f2b3aa02336 will function given the routed network

I can workaround this by not binding the port:
$ sudo sed -i \
    s/'binding:host_id': host_id/'binding:host_id': None/" \

I can see good progress on the phys-net aware spec. But with the flat
driver this will not help, as the nova_host_id is used for binding. Not
the ironic baremetal node uuid.

What would be a good way forward here?
 - Change the flat driver to not bind the port?
 - Change the flat driver to bind using the ironic node uuid, and rely
on phys-net info being populated in Neutron? (Requieres: baremetal
neutron agent https://review.openstack.org/#/c/456235/ + several
changes related to phys-net)
 - Another driver? 'flat-routed' that does one of the above?
 - Keep the flat driver, but register the ironic-conductor as a
separate host in neutron and populate phys-nets in neutron for this
'ironic_host_id' with all networks available on the baremetal nodes
ironic is managing?

Is there already a plan? Other options?

|Harald Jensås        |  irc: hjensas

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