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Hello, Silvia,

Thank you for your interest in Tricircle and Trio2o.

See inline comments.

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang (joehuang)
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Hi all,
I would like to build up a multi-region openstack and I read that both tricircle and trio2o are the most suitable solutions.
I have few questions:

- from the wikis I couldn't deeply understand the differences between the two: ad far as I understood tricircle deploys a shared neutron module, trio2o provides a gateway in the case of a single nova/glance module.Is it right?

[joehuang] Yes, Tricircle is to provide networking capability across multiple neutron servers in OpenStack mult-region deployment or Nova cells V2 multi-cell deployment, one shared Neutron module providing such cross Neutron server functionalities and provide the API entrance.  For trio2o, it's major purpose is to gateway, and it's not active after it's moved outside from Tricircle, during the Tricricle bightent application, some TCs were worried about the API consistency if one gateway layer is there, so it's not accepted into OpenStack. Though I know many cloud operators expressed the need for single API entry point for multiple OpenStack instances. [/joehuang]

- Could you better explain the architecture? For instance: where is the Controller? Are the compute nodes the same of the one site implementation?

[joehuang] for the architecture and work flow, you can refer to the slides and video we presented in OPNFV Beijing summit: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbcc7-eZnkY  , slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1WBdra-ZaiB-K8_m3Pv76o_jhylEqJXTTxzEZ-cu8u2A/ , https://www.slideshare.net/JoeHuang7/shared-networks-to-support-vnf-high-availability-across-openstack-multiregion-deployment-77283728
I don't know what do you mean for Controller, Tricircle only provides plugins to Neutron: Neutron server with different plugin plays different role, for central Neutron with Tricicle central plugin, it'll play as the networking coordination for multiple local Neutrons which will be installed with Tricircle local plugin. Each local Neutron work as usual with ML2 plugin/OVS backend or SDN controller backend, just install one slim hook layer of Tricircle local Neutron plugin. You can experience it through the guide: https://docs.openstack.org/developer/tricircle/installation-guide.html#multi-pod-installation-with-devstack  [/joehuang]

- Is it possible to connect distributed compute nodes with an SDN network, in order to use it as data plane?
[joehuang] Yes, it's possible with an SDN network, currently we use in-tree OVS implemetation to connect distributed compute nodes, Tricricle is able to carry shadow port/shadow agent information to other Neutron servers, so SDN controller can use these information to build cross Neutron network. If SDN controller can communicate with each other by themselves, and establish cross Neutron network, it's also fine, Tricircle support this mode. During OPNFV summit, Vikram and I had one idea to see if OVN can work together with Tricircle.  Could you describe your idea for the SDN network in more detail, then I can check whether my understanding is correct, and provide my valuable comment.  [/joehuang]

- If not, what kind of network is in the middle? I suppose that a network is necessary to connect the different pod.

[joehuang]  Please refer to the last comment  [/joehuang]

Could you please clarify these points?
Thanks a lot

Silvia Fichera
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