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Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 22:40:17 UTC 2017

On 00:07 Jun 28, Ildiko Vancsa wrote:

> > On 2017. Jun 27., at 23:34, Mike Perez <thingee at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > On 13:52 Jun 23, Michał Jastrzębski wrote:
> >> Great idea!
> >> 
> >> I would also throw another issue new people often have (I had it too).
> >> Namely what to contribute. Lot's of people wants to do something but
> >> not quite know where to start.
> >> So few ideas for start:
> >> * List of triaged bugs
> >> * List of work items of large blueprits
> > 
> > IMO the triaged bugs/low hanging fruit thing seems to be still daunting for new
> > contributors. There's also not really much gratification or recognition for
> > what you did by the wider community sometimes. This is something I feel that
> > helps in having people come back to contribute.
> From maintenance perspective I would ensure new comers are aware how to find
> those, but don’t give an exact list.
> By having the Project On-boarding sessions, etc. and a bit more focus on
> coaching and mentoring we might be able to get some attention from projects
> regarding maintaining the list of low hanging fruit bugs. Sometimes that tag
> is not really verified and there are also cases when it does not get marked
> as fixed or obsolete. From earlier experience they are not always
> encouraging...
> > This is going on a tangent of something else I have coming in the future but
> > I think there are a few ways a new contributor would come in:
> > 
> > ## PTG
> > 
> > New contributors should be participating in the sessions for a project and
> > get to know who are the people leading those efforts. People leading efforts
> > want help. Whether it be documentation for the thing, implementation, testing,
> > etc. Working with the people involved is a good way to get to know that feature
> > or change. The people leading the effort are now invested in YOU succeeding
> > because if you don't succeed, they don't either. Once you succeed in the
> > feature or change with someone, you have recognition in people knowing you are
> > responsible for it in some way. This is an awesome feeling and will lead you to
> > either improving it more or going onto other things. While you're only
> > understanding of a project is that thing, you may get curious and move onto
> > other parts of the code. This leads to someone in the future leading efforts
> > for new contributors!
> I think for this we need to encourage people to attend the Summit first and
> come to an On-boarding session if their target project has one. From my
> experience when I attended my first Design Summit I had no clue what’s going
> on and that can be very discouraging and I saw people for whom it was. And in
> my opinion we also cannot expect the project teams to baby sit new people on
> the PTG.
> With that said, I agree we should have new people on this event, but I think
> we need to be more careful with describing and clarifying prerequisites and
> expectations, like basic knowledge of the area and experience or just to do
> their research before they come and they should know this event is not
> focusing on them.
> The portal should be a great place to describe all this and give a list of
> best practices!

I agree. I just know people are going to come regardless of no matter how many
warning signs you throw in front of them. A quick intro into each session that
this going to move fast/has been discussed and not exactly new contributor
friendly but if you are interested in the effort being discussed find <person
who is talking/leading effort>. This is just an answer for those people that
miss all those warnings.

> > ## Forum
> > 
> > I would like to see our on-boarding rooms having time to introduce
> > current/future efforts happening in the project. Introduce the people behind
> > those efforts. Give a little time to break out into meet and greet to remember
> > friendly faces and do as mentioned above.
> +1
> > 
> > ## Internet
> > 
> > People may not be able to attend our events, but want to participate. Using
> > your idea of listing work items of large blueprints is an excellent! It would
> > be good if we could list those cleanly and who is leading it. Maybe Storyboard
> > will be able to help with this in the future Kendall?
> Do we/can we have a tag for large blueprints? So we could teach people how to
> find this and give them a search link, etc.?

Either storyboard allows us to filter on the stuff the project teams have set
for a release, or we just use its API and build our own clean listing.

Mike Perez
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