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Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 21:34:46 UTC 2017

On 13:52 Jun 23, Michał Jastrzębski wrote:
> Great idea!
> I would also throw another issue new people often have (I had it too).
> Namely what to contribute. Lot's of people wants to do something but
> not quite know where to start.
> So few ideas for start:
> * List of triaged bugs
> * List of work items of large blueprits

IMO the triaged bugs/low hanging fruit thing seems to be still daunting for new
contributors. There's also not really much gratification or recognition for
what you did by the wider community sometimes. This is something I feel that
helps in having people come back to contribute.

This is going on a tangent of something else I have coming in the future but
I think there are a few ways a new contributor would come in:

## PTG

New contributors should be participating in the sessions for a project and
get to know who are the people leading those efforts. People leading efforts
want help. Whether it be documentation for the thing, implementation, testing,
etc. Working with the people involved is a good way to get to know that feature
or change. The people leading the effort are now invested in YOU succeeding
because if you don't succeed, they don't either. Once you succeed in the
feature or change with someone, you have recognition in people knowing you are
responsible for it in some way. This is an awesome feeling and will lead you to
either improving it more or going onto other things. While you're only
understanding of a project is that thing, you may get curious and move onto
other parts of the code. This leads to someone in the future leading efforts
for new contributors!

## Forum

I would like to see our on-boarding rooms having time to introduce
current/future efforts happening in the project. Introduce the people behind
those efforts. Give a little time to break out into meet and greet to remember
friendly faces and do as mentioned above.

## Internet

People may not be able to attend our events, but want to participate. Using
your idea of listing work items of large blueprints is an excellent! It would
be good if we could list those cleanly and who is leading it. Maybe Storyboard
will be able to help with this in the future Kendall?

Mike Perez
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