[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible][neutron][designate] Failure trying to set dns_domain from command line

Lawrence J. Albinson lawrence at ljalbinson.com
Tue Jun 27 14:01:25 UTC 2017

Hello Colleagues,

I am trying to enable dynamic updating of DNSaaS when a port or VM is created/deleted.

I have DNSaaS working with Bind9 as the back-end and I am able to manually create/update/delete entries with the openstack client and/or the designate client and see Bind9 reflect those changes.

However, I am unable to set a dns_domain name for a network from the openstack CLI and/or the neutron CLI.

I have tried the following:

    neutron net-update --dns-domain example.com 64b50baa-acd8-4269-8a3a-767b70c7d18d
    neutron net-update --dns-domain example.com public
    neutron net-update --dns-domain example.com. 64b50baa-acd8-4269-8a3a-767b70c7d18d
    neutron net-update --dns-domain example.com. public

The response is always the same, namely:

    Unrecognized attribute(s) 'dns_domain'
    Neutron server returns request_ids: ['req-be15e08a-b3b0-458c-a045-ffac7ce3ebbd']

Before I go searching through the Neutron source, does anyone know if this is a 'hole' in the Neutron API and, if so, has it been fixed after the commit point being used by openstack-ansible tag 15.1.3.

Kind regards, Lawrence

Lawrence J Albinson

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