[openstack-dev] [Glare][TC][All] Past, Present and Future of Glare project

Mikhail Fedosin mfedosin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 14:35:29 UTC 2017

Hello! It's me again. I hasten to inform you about the latest news in Glare

To begin with, I want to say that:

First, we created the stable branch (stable/ocata), which is already used
in production. This is undoubtedly a joyful event and the result of long
months of work!
Secondly, we are adding integration with the Mistral:
Third, we moved on to the active implementation of new features. In
general, I promised them for a long time already, but we decided to devote
the last few months to stabilize the project and make it good for
production. The next big release is scheduled for late August, and there we
will add:
  * ACLs aka sharing of artifacts, where tenants can share their artifacts
with the other.
  * Dynamic quotas, when the operator can choose how much data for what
type a particular tenant can upload (for instance, Anna can upload 1 Tb of
images and 100Mb of heat templates; Betty can upload 500Gb of images and
50Mb of heat templates, and so on)
  * Asynchronous data processing, which can be used for background
conversion and validation of large amounts of data on the server side.
  * Storage of secrets - a new artifact type in Glare, which will store
private information (keys, passwords, etc.) in an encrypted form (like in

Now I want to discuss a few questions with OpenStack community and get some

1. Generally speaking, I want to make the development of Glare more open
and create a community around the project. Now the development of Glare
engaged in two full-time engineers from Nokia plus me. But as you can see
we have a large list of tasks, and we will gladly accept more people.
Perhaps someone from Glance, Nova or Cinder projects will want to
participate in the development.

2. We would like to become an official OpenStack project, and in general we
follow all the necessary rules and recommendations, starting from weekly
IRC meetings and our own channel, to Apache license and Keystone support.
For this reason, I want to file an application and hear objections and
recommendations on this matter.

3. Finally, I want to discuss the future of the project and its role in
OpenStack. As has been noted many times, the project is capable of much
more, and we only need to find the right application for it. I believe that
this issue will be conceptually discussed in Denver, but nevertheless we
must prepare for it right now.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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