[openstack-dev] [tc][all][ptl] Most Supported Queens Goals and Improving Goal Completion

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Fri Jun 23 16:55:22 UTC 2017

On 22/06/17 01:57 PM, Mike Perez wrote:
> An idea that came from the meeting was creating a role of "Champions",
> who are the drum beaters to get a goal done by helping projects with
> tracking status and sometimes doing code patches. These would be
> interested volunteers who have a good understanding of their selected
> goal and its implementation to be a trusted person.
> What do people think before we bikeshed on the name? Would having a
> champion volunteer to each goal to help? Are there ideas that weren't
> mentioned in the TC meeting [3]?

do we know why they're not being completed? indifference? lack of resources?

i like the champion idea although i think its scope should be expanded. 
i didn't mention this in meeting and the following has no legit research 
behind it so feel free to disregard but i imagine some of the 
indifference towards the goals is because:

- it's often trivial (but important) work
many projects are already flooded with a lot of non-trivial, 
self-interest goals AND a lot trivial (and unimportant) copy/paste 
patches already so it's hard to feel passionate and find motivation to 
do it. the champion stuff may help here.

- there is a disconnect between the TC and the projects.
it seems there is a requirement for the projects to engage the TC but 
not necessarily the other way around. for many projects, i'm fairly 
certain nothing would change whether they actively engaged the TC or 
just left relationship as is and had minimal/no interaction. i apologise 
if that's blunt but just based on my own prior experience.

i don't know if the TC wants to become PMs but having the goals i feel 
sort of requires the TC to be PMs and to actually interact with the PTLs 
regularly, not just about the goal itself but the project and it's role 
in openstack. maybe it's as designed, but if there's no relationship 
there, i don't think 'TC wants you to do this' will get something done. 
it's in the same vein as how it's easier to get a patch approved if 
you're engaged in a project for some time as oppose to a patch out of 
the blue (disclaimer: i did not study sociology).

just my random thoughts.


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