[openstack-dev] [Openstack-operators] [dev] [doc] Operations Guide future

Blair Bethwaite blair.bethwaite at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 02:47:34 UTC 2017

Hi Alex,

On 2 June 2017 at 23:13, Alexandra Settle <a.settle at outlook.com> wrote:
> Ohhhh I like your thinking – I’m a pandoc fan, so, I’d be interested in
> moving this along using any tools to make it easier.

I can't realistically offer much time on this but I would be happy to
help (ad-hoc) review/catalog/clean-up issues with export.

> I think my only proviso (now I’m thinking about it more) is that we still
> have a link on docs.o.o, but it goes to the wiki page for the Ops Guide.

Agreed, need to maintain discoverability.


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