[openstack-dev] [tc][fuel] Making Fuel a hosted project

Vladimir Kuklin aglarendil at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 20:34:09 UTC 2017

Folks, I sent a reply a couple of days ago, but somehow it got lost. The
original message goes below


It is essentially true that Fuel is no longer being developed as almost 99%
of people have left the project and are working on something else. May be,
in the future, when the dust settles, we can resume working on it, but the
probability is not so high as of now.

I would like to thank everyone who worked on the project - contributors,
reviewers, core-reviewers, ex-PTLs Alex Shtokolov, Vladimir Kozhukalov and
Dmitry Borodaenko - it was a pleasure to work with you guys.

Also, I would like to thank puppet-openstack project team as we worked
together on many things really effectively and wish them good luck as well.

Special Kudos to Jay and Dims as they helped as a lot on governance and
community side.

I hope, we will work some day together again.

At the same time, I would like to mention that Fuel is still being actively
used and some bugs are still being fixed, so I would suggest, if that is
possible, that we keep the github repository available for a while, so that
those guys can still access the repositories.

Having that said, I do not have any other objections on making Fuel Hosted

Yours Faithfully

Vladimir Kuklin

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