[openstack-dev] Required Ceph rbd image features

Jon Bernard jobernar at redhat.com
Wed Jun 21 16:32:51 UTC 2017

* Chris MacNaughton <chris.macnaughton at canonical.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working on identifying the required RBD image features to be compatible
> with both the nova-kvm and nova-lxd drivers. The requirement derives from
> nova-lxd using the kernel driver for Ceph, while nova-kvm handles rbd
> through userspace.

I believe kernel rbd supports image format 2 since linux ~3.11.  There
was a time when striping feature was not supported in kernel rbd, I'm
not sure if that's still the case today but should be easy to test for.
I suspect you'd want to enable layering at minimum.


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