[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible][designate] Recommended way to inject the rndc.key into the designate container when using Bind9

Andy McCrae andy.mccrae at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 13:15:41 UTC 2017

Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for providing the feedback!

I am using OpenStack Designate with Bind9 as the slave and have managed to
> set it up with openstack-ansible in all respect bar one, I am unable to
> automatically inject the rndc.key file into the Designate container.
Is there a recognised way to do this (and similar things elsewhere across
> the OpenStack family) within the openstack-ansible framework without
> branching the repo and making modifications?

We don't currently have a set way to do that, although after talking with
Graham and few others, it seems this is something the designate role should
do, so I'd label that a bug. That said, rather than having a fork with
modifications it seems
like useful functionality that would be useful to most deployers of
Designate, so it would be great to create a patch to add this
functionality. I'm imagining it would just be a templated rndc.key file
with a "designate_rndc_key_value" variable
(or something along those lines!).

If that sounds like something you'd like to give a go there is some good
documentation around what to do to get started here:

Also! Feel free to jump into the #openstack-ansible channel on Freenode
irc, we're a pretty helpful bunch, and we'd love to help you get involved.

Hopefully that helps!

> WIth apologies in advance in the event that I have overlooked the
> essential piece of documentation on how to do this.
> Kind regards, Lawrence
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