[openstack-dev] [neutron] [l2gw] DSVM gates for networking-l2gw

Ricardo Noriega De Soto rnoriega at redhat.com
Thu Jun 15 04:38:23 UTC 2017

Hello L2GWers

Currently networking-l2gw CI only covers unit tests. However, there is an
experimental check that starts a devstack VM to be able to run more complex
tests. That experimental check is not working, and we are trying to fix it,
however we encountered some difficulties that we wanted to share with you.


The configuration of the experimental check uses the L2GW agent which is
very good, however, the API tests try to create a l2gw connection and fail
since there is not an ovsdb instance with the vtep schema to execute.

If we use the dummy driver, these three failing testcases will be skipped
and we have a way to test the API (without backend).

So for now, our proposal is to modify this experimental check using the
dummy driver, and convert it to a possible non-voting -> voting gate
executing pure API tests.

Furthermore, we will start working on a new gate with the l2gw agent and
create a new OVS entity in a namespace or something similar to be able to
test api and agent together.

Any comment is more than welcome!

Thanks guys

Ricardo Noriega

Senior Software Engineer - NFV Partner Engineer | Office of Technology  |
Red Hat
irc: rnoriega @freenode
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