[openstack-dev] [openstackclient][zaqar]ensure name convention about the new commands in zaqarclient

hao wang sxmatch1986 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 06:18:24 UTC 2017


Zaqar now have  a lot of commands in openstackclient, but some of them don't
have a consistent command name.

For example:

    queue_list = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:ListQueues
    queue_create = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:CreateQueue
    queue_delete = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:DeleteQueue
    queue_stats = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:GetQueueStats
    queue_set_metadata = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:SetQueueMetadata
    queue_get_metadata = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:GetQueueMetadata
    queue_purge = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:PurgeQueue
    pool_create = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:CreatePool
    pool_show = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:ShowPool
    pool_update = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:UpdatePool
    pool_delete = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:DeletePool
    pool_list = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:ListPools
    messaging_flavor_list = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:ListFlavors
    messaging_flavor_delete = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:DeleteFlavor
    messaging_flavor_update = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:UpdateFlavor
    messaging_flavor_show = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:ShowFlavor
    messaging_flavor_create = zaqarclient.queues.v2.cli:CreateFlavor

So Zaqar propose to change all commands to have a consistent format for naming:

openstack messaging xxx

Zaqar will mark those old commands as deprecated and will remove them
after Queen release[1].

But I want to ensure this change aligns with the openstack community
strategy about the client command name convention, so I need some help
from openstackclient guys to see if this "openstack messaging xxx"
change is ok.



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