[openstack-dev] [forum] Future of Stackalytics

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 13:17:54 UTC 2017

On 6/8/2017 12:57 AM, Adam Harwell wrote:
> As a core reviewer for LBaaS I actually find Stackalytics quite helpful 
> for giving me a quick snapshot of contributions, and it lines up almost 
> perfectly in my experience with what I see when I'm actually reviewing 
> and working with people (if you know which statistics to look at -- just 
> sorting by sheer number of reviews or commits and ignoring everything 
> else is of course not useful, and as you say possibly misleading). In 
> all though I actually find that it is a very accurate representation of 
> people's work.
> For example, in looking at reviewer contributions, I make a mental score 
> based on both the number of reviews, but also the +% (this shouldn't be 
> too high) and the disagreement score (low is generally good, but 0% with 
> a high review count might be questionable). So, I know to discount 
> someone who just spams +1 at everything that has a +2 already and 
> doesn't contribute anything else, which can go unnoticed while reading 
> reviews but sticks out like a sore thumb in Stackalytics. The other side 
> of the coin is someone who posts a ton of useless comments and -1's 
> everything, which then is super obvious to anyone who actually reads 
> reviews.
> Maybe the experience with the projects I work on is a little different 
> than some of the more populous "base" services like Nova or Neutron? 
> Regardless, I'd be really sad to see it go, as I use it multiple times a 
> week for various reasons. So, I definitely agree with keeping it around 
> and possibly focusing on improving the way the data is displayed. It is 
> definitely best used as one tool in a toolkit, not taken alone as a 
> single source of truth. Is that the main problem people are trying to solve?

I agree with you, and the experience in Nova is the same. I use 
Stackalytics the same way.

Note, however, that reviewstats is also published from a site that 
russellb has running, e.g.:





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