[openstack-dev] Action Items WG Chairs: Requesting your input to a cross Working Group session

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Per the request below the most widely supported time for a cross Working Group status meeting seems to be Wednesdays at 0500 UTC.  We will bring this to the UC meeting on Monday.  Proposal is that the first UC meeting with WG status would be 6/21 Wednesday 0500 UTC (Tuesday Late Evening US time).

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Subject: Action Items WG Chairs: Requesting your input to a cross Working Group session

Working group (WG) chairs or delegates, please enter your name (and WG name) and what times you could meet at this poll: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/6k36zgre9ttciwqz#table

As back ground and to share progress:

  *   We started and generally confirmed the desire to have a regular cross WG status meeting at the Boston Summit.
  *   Specifically the groups interested in Telco NFV and Fog Edge agreed to collaborate more often and in a more organized fashion.
  *   In e-mails and then in today’s Operators Telco/NFV we finalized a proposal to have all WGs meet for high level status monthly and to bring the collaboration back to our individual WG sessions.
  *   the User Committee sessions are appropriate for the Monthly WG Status meeting
  *   more detailed coordination across Telco/NFV and Fog Edge groups should take place in the Operators Telco NFV WG meetings which already occur every 2 weeks.
  *   we need participation of each WG Chair (or a delegate)
  *   we welcome and request the OPNFV and Linux Foundation and other WGs to join us in the cross WG status meetings

The Doodle was setup to gain concurrence for a time of week in which we could schedule and is not intended to be for a specific week.

​​​​​Jamey McCabe – AT&T Integrated Cloud -jm6819 - mobile if needed 847-496-1176

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