[openstack-dev] [telemetry][ceilometer][gnocchi] Query on adding new meters to Gnocchi

Deepthi V V deepthi.v.v at ericsson.com
Thu Jun 8 08:30:32 UTC 2017

Thanks Mehdi for the information. I will soon upload a spec for adding the meters.


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On Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 05:35:43AM +0000, Deepthi V V wrote:
>I am trying to add new meters/resource types in gnocchi. I came across 2 files:
>Gnocchi_resources.yaml and ceilometer_update script which will make Gnocchi api calls for resource_type addition.
>I have a few queries. Could you please clarify them.
>  1.  Is it sufficient to add the resource types only in gnocchi_resources.yaml file.

No, you also need to create resource type with the Gnocchi API.

>  2.  OR is the ceilometer_update script also required to be modified. Is this script responsible for defining attributes in metadata.

This script is only for Ceilometer supported resource types. We do not support upgrade if this script is changed or if you add/remove attributes to Ceilometer resource types.

>  3.  If I have to perform function done by step 2, as an alternative to updating the script, is it correct to bring up the system in following order
>     *   Change gnocchi_resources.yaml for new resource types.
>     *   Start ceilometer and gnocchi processes.
>     *   Execute Gnocchi REST apis to create new resource types.

I see to two solutions depending of your use case:

* if your new resource types aim to support a not yet handled Openstack
  resource. You should consider to contribute upstream to update
  ceilometer-upgrade and gnocchi_resources.yaml

* if not, then option 3 is the good way to go.


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