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Thu Jun 8 07:14:28 UTC 2017

Hello All,

This is regarding bug https://launchpad.net/bugs/1674247     -- titled as   Reset-state's default parameter needs correction
review is going on at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/463477/2

The Bug proposes to change reset-state default state to be “active”.

Reason for setting up default state as “active”
Reset-state is an admin exposed command and once admin has sorted internal error occurred
in nova instance, this command will help to set the instance back to “active” state.

Reason for keeping default state as “error”
If I recall correctly, "reset-state" was introduced solely to handle the case of recovery from
Nova internal errors, and the default of 'error' was deliberately chosen to encourage developers
to spend their time correcting the problem in Nova rather than leveraging the work-around.

Other propositions are

  *   Whether we should change the default of reset-state to "active".
  *   It would also be good to discuss whether we should provide the ability to set other states, as this change eliminates the possibility to do so from the command line.
  *   So, this means that --active no longer does anything. That means we should deprecate the option, so we can remove it in a future release.

Kindly state your opinion what would be best suitable for admin users for this command?


1) Should we change reset state to “active” by default or “error” is good

2) In that case should i deprecate --active?

3)Should we consider giving user a facility of changing to any other state by giving --state as an optional arg?

4)But if we see difference from cinder command Cinder states "its a database only change"

stack at ubuntu14-OptiPlex-3020:~/openstack_install/devstack$ cinder help reset-state
usage: cinder reset-state [--type <type>] [--state <state>]
                          [--attach-status <attach-status>]
                          <entity> [<entity> ...]

Explicitly updates the entity state in the Cinder database. Being a database change only, this has no impact on the true state of the entity and may not match the actual state. This can render a entity unusable in the case of changing to the 'available' state.

but in case of nova Its not stated so

stack at ubuntu14-OptiPlex-3020:~/openstack_install/devstack$ nova help reset-state usage: nova reset-state [--all-tenants] [--active] <server> [<server> ...]

Reset the state of a server.

So will it be possible to change state of server to any state ?



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