[openstack-dev] [trove] Trove reboot meeting

MCCASLAND, TREVOR tm2086 at att.com
Wed Jun 7 17:38:19 UTC 2017

From the last call (see original message below), and in the trove meeting today[1]. We agreed to hosting another trove reboot meeting tomorrow, June 8th, at 1500 UTC.

The meeting will be announced in the same fashion, as an impromptu hangout session. I will post the link to join on the mailing list in this thread about 10-15 minutes before the meeting, and I'll also post the link in the #openstack-trove channel.

[1] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/trove/2017/trove.2017-06-07-15.00.log.html#l-76

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The time has come! I have opened the hangout, You can join now!

Please only join if you plan on participating in the discussion as there is a limit on these calls.
Given the number of people who responded on the doodle poll we should have room for a few extras.


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