[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Future of the tripleo-quickstart-utils project

Raoul Scarazzini rasca at redhat.com
Tue Jun 6 12:16:50 UTC 2017

On 17/05/2017 10:47, Bogdan Dobrelya wrote:
[...]> It is amusing a little bit as it looks a controversial to the
> "Validations before upgrades and updates" effort. Shall we just move the
> tripleo-quickstart-utils back to extras, or to validations repo and have
> both issues solved? :)

The reason why this was put outside extras was that basically no one was
looking at the reviews, since the topic was so specific that no one had
the opportunity to test the modifications on the field.
So we decided to move it outside, to be quick and independent on the

> A side note, this peculiar way to use ansible is a deliberate move for
> automatic documenting of reproducing steps. So those jinja templated
> scripts could be as well used aside of the ansible playbooks. It looked
> odd to me as well, but I tend to agree that is an interesting solution
> for automagic documentation builds.

I need to understand in depth this automatic documenting you're writing
about. Can you give some tip to fully comprehend what you wrote?

Many thanks, and sorry for the long delay between the answers.

Raoul Scarazzini
rasca at redhat.com

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